• Rafael Salles

    Rafael Salles

    prolixo e pedante, o melhor em ser mediano. cinéfilo sem futuro.

  • Travis John.

    Travis John.

    My name is Travis John. I am a young creative and here I will be posting my writings and thoughts and experiences pertaining to different topics.

  • Mr. Man

    Mr. Man

  • vinicius


    eu não sei de muita coisa

  • Enclave



  • Evan Shrewsbury

    Evan Shrewsbury

    College student with aspirations of working in the music industry, for now, I’ll try my hand at a blog.

  • Felipe Buckley

    Felipe Buckley

    a blue sky goes a long way

  • Bethany Gemmell

    Bethany Gemmell

    Recent graduate of the University of Edinburgh, specialising in American history, pop culture, and everything in-between.

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